what's the set crew?

"Set Crew" is a theatre term used to describe the team who installs and strikes (removes) the stage scenery, props, and decor for theatre productions.

They set the stage! AND so does our Set Crew! Except that we set the stage for weddings and special events.

Our Set Crew is composed of fun, creative, energetic humans who love weddings and events.

As a part of our Set Crew team you'll get to help with the installation of decor, flowers, and rentals for our clients. This includes loading and unloading vehicles, placing furniture & flowers, climbing ladders, and fussing over all the nitty-gritty details. 

The Sage Designs Set Crew is well known for being kind,  and very helpful. We tackle every task with a happy attitude.

we're so excited that you're
interested in joining our team!

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Once you've gone through the process of completing this form and agreeing to our Contractor Agreement, you'll be added to our Set Crew mailing list. 

We send our Set Crew members emails with details about upcoming events. These details include the event installation date, strike (clear-out) date, the venue, and whether we plan to meet at our studio and travel together or whether we except team members to meet us on site. 

From there, you'll reply back with your availability. We fill each event on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority offered to those who can help with BOTH the installation and the strike. 

The week of the event, our Production Manager will send you an email with more details on the timeline. You must acknowledge receipt of this email so that we know you've seen it and are ready to go for the big day!

Finally, on event day, our team works together to get everything into the venue, set it up, and fuss until everything looks perfect. Some of the team members will be assigned to return later that evening or the next day to clear out the event and get decor back to our studio. 

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1. You'll be expected to reserve the ENTIRE DAY for us when you sign up for an event. Event schedules fluctuate and we often don't know our timings for an event until the week of. We also expect that you'll give us as much notice as possible if you have to back out of an event you've committed to since we're counting on each and every person we've slotted for a Set Crew position that day. 

2. You'll be expected to come to the event ready to work. There's generally lots of walking, lifting, carrying, and "grunt work" that needs to be done throughout the set up. We expect our team to be ready for any challenge and to approach every task with a happy disposition. It's hard work, but it's extremely gratifying to watch it all come together! 

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What can I expect of the Sage Team if I sign up?

1. You can expect to be paid! We pay our Set Crew $16/hour for installations and daytime strikes, and $30/hour for late night strikes (between 11pm and 5am). 

2. You can expect to always be treated with kindness and respect. Event days can be stressful at times, but we work through the challenges together. 

3. You can expect our sincere gratitude and praise. We can't produce these events without our amazing Set Crew!

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New Set Crew Member
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