How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Wedding / Event Decorator?

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We get asked this question a lot: 

“How far in advance should I book my flowers & decor?” 

The answer depends on a few factors which we’ll outline below, but in general, you want to book about 6 to 8 months before your event date for Full Design and 2 to 4 months before your event date for Shop Sage, our online store. 

Here are some factors to consider: 

Full Design: When a client hires Sage for Full Design & Installation, we want as much time as possible to plan and we also want to make sure that we’re still available for your date; 6 to 8 months out is generally a safe bet for both.

Why that timeline? Well, there’s a lot of work to do before the big day: our team designs your floor plan options, helps develop your colour story, plans your floral recipes based on palette and seasonality of blooms, and starts working out logistics early on. We also have two meetings with you, one 4-6 months from the event to finalize the Style and decorative elements, and then another one around 2 months before the event to finalized logistics. 

Shop Sage: With the Online Store option, you can book a little closer to the event date since our team isn’t creating floor plans or coordinating logistics with your venue. Still, we have to ensure that the elements you order are available for your date and we have to lock in our flower order 1 month before the event date. 

So, with that in mind, an ideal booking window for the shop is 2 to 4 months before the event date. If you’re working with a tighter window there’s an increased chance that we would not be able to accommodate and may have to refund your order – which would be awful for everyone. 

If you’re working within a tighter window than the timelines above, please call our shop so that we can discuss your options with you: 343-488-8243(call anytime Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4pm)

Have a wonderful day!


Team Sage Designs

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