Decision Fatigue and how to fight it

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Is there such a thing as making too many choices? You bet there is! Decision Fatigue is a real occurrence, and as much as we all want to say that it would never happen to us because we’re so on top of everything, the truth is that over the course of planning a huge event, like your wedding day, decision fatigue will be coming for you. 

What is it?

Although having choices is good for our well-being, psychologists have found that having to make too many choices can have detrimental consequences. When we have to make too many choices in a short span of time, we may experience a type of mental fatigue known as “ego depletion”. By limiting how many inconsequential decisions we need to make and scheduling decision-making for times when we feel most alert, we may be able to make better decisions.

Look out for these signs

  • Procrastination – “I’ll tackle this later.”
  • Impulsivity – “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…”
  • Avoidance – “I can’t deal with this right now.”
  • Indecision – “When in doubt, I just say ‘no.’”

Over time, this kind of stress can lead to irritability, increased anxiety, depression, and physical effects, such as tension headaches and digestive issues. Sound familiar?

Can we do anything to avoid it?

So, let’s talk about how to minimize or even prevent you from getting worn out by just how many choices there are to be made in the run up to your special day. And how your wedding planner and full service vendors (that’s us) can help you through the sometimes overwhelming process of making sure that no detail gets missed and everything comes together perfectly at crunch time.

Lean on your support network

If you start to feel these negative emotions coming into your decision making, that’s when it’s most important to lean on your support group to help you through. That group can be your wedding planner, your full service decorators, your partner and bridal party. We are all here to help you and we want to see you succeed more than anything. The easiest way to save yourself from being overloaded with decisions is to not sweat the small stuff, trust your professionals and close friends to make the right calls based on your overall vision. You can relieve so much stress by simply asking your maid of honour what she thinks would look best, and trusting her call.

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Follow a decision schedule

Prioritize the big elements that require the most thought and let go of the little things. Your guests won’t remember the exact hue of the dinner napkins you settled on, so try not to worry too much about it. Save your energy for the show pieces that will make memories to last a lifetime, and let your professionals sweat over the details, that’s what we do. We’ll help you break down and prioritize the major decisions in the months and weeks leading up to your event, so that every choice feels special and nothing ever feels rushed. Trust us to know what decisions need to be made 6 months out, and what choices can be left closer to the big day. 

Don’t wait to to ask for help

Has decision fatigue already started to set in for you? Let’s talk it out! Let us know what struggles you might be grappling with and where in the planning stage everybody is. Never be afraid to ask for help, we’re all in this together.

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