Pinterest Boards: Curate Your Wedding Style

Photos by Anne Marie Bouchard

Trying to communicate your personal vision for your wedding day to the team of professionals you will be working with can be tricky, but it’s so important to getting the results you are dreaming of. A well curated and organized Pinterest Board is a powerful tool that we can use to learn about your personal likes and inspirations leading up to your wedding design. But what makes a good Pinterest Board? What are we looking for in your boards that will help us nail down the perfect theme and colour palette for your design? Let’s talk about it. 

Consistency is key

The first thing that we are looking for in your boards is a consistent visual theme, that can be things like colours, textures, ambience and mood. When you first start pinning, you’ll want to throw in every single photo that makes you happy. And that’s amazing, but it will get overwhelming fast. Always be on the lookout for emerging trends in the photos that you pin and start recognizing images that fit the theme and culling out the ones that don’t. What we’re hoping for is a board that really sums up the overall vibe of your day, that includes the flowers, decor, lighting, table settings, draping, seating, archway… ect. Our goal is to make sure every single one of these elements sing together in harmony and fit your personal vision for your wedding day. When you’re out there pinning, always keep your venue in mind, design elements that look great at a sunny, outdoor ceremony might not work anywhere near as well inside a banquet hall or church and vice versa.

Stay organized and stay sane

Organisation is the second pillar that will lead to a strong and effective Pinterest board. Try sorting your inspirations into their respective groupings such as a dress board, a hair board, a flower board and a decor board, this will help each vendor to focus on what they need to be bringing to the table, while also being able to check that their design matches with the overall theme. Also try adding your own titles to your pined images to make sure we are looking in the right place, for example if you have a photo with several elements but you love the plates the most, make sure to include that in the title so we don’t miss out. And always remember to curate each board very carefully, 5 photos that really nail your vision are way better than 20 less focused pins.

Remember Pinterest is not real life

Lastly, try not to get too wrapped up in the fantasy world of Pinterest, using it to compare your wedding to others, procrastinate on important decisions or second guess choices you’ve already made is counter productive to everything we are working towards. Always remember that the perfect Pinterest wedding does not actually exist! And trust us that your wedding will be perfect for you.

Don’t be afraid to start early

Here’s a fun question, did you start pinning wedding inspirations before the proposal? Lots of people do it. How far out are you from your wedding day and what state are your boards in? 

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