So, you’re engaged! Now what?

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The road from saying “YES!” to saying “I DO” can be a long one, and it can be challenging to know where to start. We have a few tips to get your engagement and wedding planning off to a solid start.

Don’t Rush to tell the whole world

Yes, it’s super tempting to fire up an Instagram live stream the moment he pops the question, but that quick rush of endorphins won’t be worth the awkward moment when your Mom finds out about your engagement through Facebook, instead of getting to share the joy with you personally. So when the big moment goes down, just leave that phone alone! Savour the time with your lover, this is (hopefully!) a once in a lifetime experience. Then share the news with your closest connections, let them be a part of something special with you. Now it’s time to plaster your social media feed with ring shots and cute couple photos, basking in those likes and comments will be even sweeter because you waited for the right time.

Get your ring taken care of ASAP

The chances that your partner delivered a perfectly sized ring onto your finger are going to be pretty slim. So resist the urge to wear it everywhere right off the bat. Go to the jeweler who sold the ring and have it resized for you. You’ll have to wait a while before you can start showing off your rock all over town, but wearing a ring that isn’t sized perfectly is flirting with disaster. Speaking of disasters, no one is immune from something going horribly wrong, so get the ring insured for an added peace of mind.

Don’t make every decision all at once

We know the perils of decision fatigue all too well, mostly because we already wrote a blog post about it, you’ll want to read that. But the TLDR is that trying to make too many choices too fast will overload your poor brain and turn wedding planning into a proper nightmare of a time. So prioritize your big decisions. Worry about your wedding photographer and venue first, because they are going to be the hardest to book. As florists and decorators, we have the luxury of being able to cover several events in one day – but that’s not the case for everyone in the wedding market. Find yourself a photographer who has a visual style that you connect with and a personality that works with your own. There are plenty of examples of Ottawa’s finest wedding photographers on our Instagram page, so that’s a great place to start looking. Once your venue is locked in and the stage is set for the big day, that’s when we can start to chat about how to bring your own style and vision to that space. Flowers, decor, furniture, table settings, lighting draping, backdrops, arches… these are all ways that you can make your wedding totally unique and perfect for you and your partner. Luckily, us at Sage Designs can build you one proposal that covers every single one of those elements and even more. What a great service!

Seek out inspiration

The amazing thing about the world we live in is that we have access to just about every single thing that has ever been done, which is a lot of things! So we encourage you to get out there and soak up some inspiration for what your perfect wedding day can look like. But you’ll need a tool to organize all the chaos that is the world wide web, so if you don’t yet have a Pinterest account, this is the time to get one. Of course, with great power of organisation comes great responsibility, and Pinterest is at its most powerful when used smartly. A whole blog post could be written just on how to use it to curate your wedding style, which is exactly something that we did! Make sure and read that one while you’re here. The more clear and curated your ideas are when you bring them to us, the better we will be at nailing your proposal right from the get go. It’s a win-win situation.

Think long and hard about that guest list

It’s going to be tempting to invite every person who leaves a nice comment on your engagement photos to come along to the wedding reception. But take your time when filling out that guest list. Not only is a big wedding full of people a bad idea because of this ongoing virus situation, it can be just kind of a bummer having too many people around. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our shift to micro weddings in 2020 was that when a wedding is stripped down to just the bare essentials, it can actually become a much more special occasion for you and your closest friends and family. Time on your wedding day is so precious, you should spend it having laughs with the people who matter most, not taking selfies with Felicia from accounting, she never brings the good donuts to the office anyway.

Give yourself time to relax 

The wedding planning process is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ve only just gotten off the starting line. We know this is going to be so hard to do, but try your best not to take anything too seriously. Always make time for you and your partner to step away from the planning process and just enjoy each other’s company, you’ll be instantly reminded why you are doing this in the first place and that spark from the engagement will roar back to life. Trust your vendors to do what we do best, we’ve got you, we’ll make it happen, it’s going to be amazing. 

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