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For Meagan and James’ wedding day it was all about adapting and rolling with the punches as we worked around changes in public health guidelines and gathering restrictions. Plans changed so much over the course of the 6 months coming up to the big day. Luckily we had some amazing colleagues in Kennedy Events Planning […]

Photo by Rubicon Photography Is there such a thing as making too many choices? You bet there is! Decision Fatigue is a real occurrence, and as much as we all want to say that it would never happen to us because we’re so on top of everything, the truth is that over the course of […]

I came across another article yesterday that read, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘Big Important Family Lawyer-Dude Says Divorce Rates Will Rise Due to Coronavirus Lockdowns’. I have to tell you guys that I feel like Jason and I have been preparing our marriage for this lockdown since he started working for Sage two years ago. […]

With yesterday’s big announcement by the Ontario government confirming that Photographers can get back to work, that weddings can now proceed, and that gatherings of 10 are now permitted the wedding industry is buzzing with energy and excitement today! We have been waiting for this announcement for nearly 3 months; and now that the gates […]

Ontario will be moving into Phase 2 of its Reopening Plans on Friday, June 12. In addition to allowing restaurants and spas to re-open, (who’s going to get a manicure and head out for dinner this weekend?!?!?), these plans includes allowing weddings and social gatherings of up to 10 people. This is HUGE given that […]

We’ve noticed a growing trend with our 2020 clients and we’re HERE FOR IT! Many clients are opting to split their celebration across two separate dates and we’re calling these make-shift celebrations Gap Weddings. Gap Weddings are a growing trend due to the current limits on social gatherings. Most events cannot go ahead as planned […]

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought you might be looking for ways to honour the incredible women in your life. For all of the amazing things she does for you all year round, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your appreciation for everything they do to make your lives that much […]

I’m on day 5 of self-isolation in support of social distancing. You too? The whole world is on pause. I’ve left my house each day only to walk around my neighbourhood – it’s quieter than usual. I’ve left once for groceries. That’s it.  It’s strange.  All anyone is talking about is the Coronavirus. It’s in […]

I can’t say enough about how much we loved working with Cassandra on her wedding design. The simplicity of the details were right up our alley. The dusty blue tones with white and greenery made for a stunning palette. PLUS we got to work with some of Ottawa’s most incredible wedding talent! VENDORSPlanner: Kennedy Event […]

We really don’t do many wedding shows these days… we may do one every other year just to play around with some fun ideas but mostly to spend a weekend chatting and catching up with vendor friends and discussing flowers & decor with couples who excited about their upcoming wedding.  This year we participated in […]


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